Bundle up this weekend with a Nomadland movie night

Greg Russell reviews the latest film to hit screens this weekend

Reel Talk - Nomadland on Live in the D

It looks like a lot of us will be spending the weekend bundled up indoors, and movie reviewer Greg Russell has a brand new movie recommendation to help get us through the cold weather.

Nomadland is the latest film from actress Frances McDormand and director Chloé Zhao. McDormand plays a woman whose life changes direction when she loses most of her savings in a recession. The story follows her and a culture of other older American workers as they travel the country picking up odd jobs and living as modern nomads .

Got the chance to talk with director, writer, and editor Chloé Zhao, who says she couldn’t imagine anyone other than McDormand in the lead role.

She said she was always interested in the American West, and the culture of life on the road, but that she was originally looking at it from a young person’s perspective. After reading the book of the same name by Jessica Bruder, she said she was moved by what the road meant to an older generation, and the story of these people letting go and rediscovering themselves.

To hear Russell’s full review and more, watch the video above.