Here’s how a delivery man who walked 20,000 steps a day found relief from intense foot pain

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Getting through each day while suffering in pain can be miserable.

One man who worked for a global company delivering packages was walking about 20,000 steps each day. After every shift, he would come home wincing.

Then, one day, he and his wife learned about orthotics. After being fitted for his specific needs, he saw an immediate improvement.

The man’s relief from pain made a lasting impression on his wife.

“It was amazing, automatic relief for him,” said the woman, Laurie Schummer.

After seeing how much the inserts helped her husband, Schummer said she wanted to help others, so she joined the Fix My Feet Today team, which specializes in orthotics.

Schummer said the inserts, which raise and support the four arch supports of the foot, put your foot in proper alignment and relieve pain. And each insert can be prescribed according to your specific foot problems.

Fix My Feet Today can map how your foot disperses pressure by having you step on a special mat that will show your pressure points. From there, the experts can fit you with the right orthotics for you.

The orthotics can also help with ankle, knee, hip and low back pain, as well, as it’s all about alignment.

For more information, watch the video above, or click or tap here to visit their website for locations.

You can walk-in or schedule an appointment by calling 586-601-5988.

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