See how this noodle business grew out of one family’s basement

Mama Mucci’s is here for National Noodle Month

Mama Mucci's on Live in the D
Mama Mucci's on Live in the D

March is National Noodle Month, so why not celebrate with a local homegrown pasta business? Mama Mucci’s started in one family’s basement, but is now available in more than 200 stores and restaurants across Southeast Michigan.

Mama Mucci’s president Vince Mucci said the business started more than 35 years ago with an idea that came out of the basement of his childhood home.

He said he grew up eating his mother’s fresh homemade pasta which she cooked for special occasions like their weekly Sunday dinners. He said he remembers her getting up early to make her fresh egg pasta before church on Sunday.

Mucci says she learned the recipe from her mother and grandmother back in the old country. Now it’s not just a family recipe, it’s a family business.

According to Mucci, the secret to making good pasta are quality ingredients, eggs, and the process of rolling out the pasta rather than putting it through an extruder. “Most pasta gets extruded,” Mucci said, “so the texture, the taste, the quality, the way the sauce holds on to the pasta is wholly different, night and day.”

To see where you can find Mama Mucci’s pasta, watch the video above.