Thinking about changing the exterior of your home? Now is the time

Our ‘Spring into Spring’ contest includes a $500 prize for 5 ‘Live in the D’ viewers!

Spring into Spring - All Brick Design on Live in the D
Spring into Spring - All Brick Design on Live in the D

Want to shake off winter and get a jump on spring?

“Live in the D” wants to help, with great ways to get your house and other items into the season.

Our “Spring into Spring” contest will help you start your spring journey, with a $500 prize for five “Live in the D” viewers!

A great thing to get fixed for the spring is the exterior of your home.

Whether it’s cracked walkways or chimneys, starting these projects in the spring will help you enjoy them during the warm weather -- and they put you at an advantage when the winter hits.

All Brick Design is an artisan masonry company that can make their brickwork look like art.

The professionals at All Brick Design suggest making your repairs now, because it’s cost-effective during the spring season.

When it comes to designing your walkway, All Brick Design says that this year’s trends range from mostly grays to intersecting brown stones. To learn more about the trends watch the video above.

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