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Music Monday - Beth Griffith Manley & Swifty McVay on Live in the D
Music Monday - Beth Griffith Manley & Swifty McVay on Live in the D

The sounds of spring and new music is in the air at Live In The D. Tati Amare skyped with former contestant on The Voice, Beth Griffit- Manley, and Swifty McVay from the famed Detroit Hip Hop group D-12. The two collaborated on a brand-new song called “Got Next.” It will be officially be released Tuesday, March 23rd at 12:00am. Before the release, they both spoke to Tati Amare about the new song, the pandemic, and how their collaboration came to be.

Detroiters have known of Beth Griffith-Manley for a while, but she gained national attention while appearing on The Voice. Manley credits that experience will helping her push to dig deep as an artist and become more focus driven. That focus, she says, has continued through the pandemic.

Speaking of the pandemic, Swifty McVay says this time has given him the space to better learn other aspects of music production, specifically the technological side of it. This is a big change for Swifty McVay, who is used to mainly writing.

McVay and Manley got together through Manley’s producer. She told Tati that her and Swifty McVay met while she was completing her second studio album. Her producer of the album felt that “Got Next” needed some extra flavor and got the idea of contacting Swifty McVay, who is beloved in the Detroit music scene.

Swifty describes the experience as quote “awesome.” He describes Beth and him as workaholics. That commonality in work ethic led to a great working relationship and allowed them to have good chemistry.

You can purchase the song “Got Next” Tuesday, March 23rd, at midnight. Get a sneak peak of the track in the video above.

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