Celebrate Mother’s Day with this unique dining experience

Fried Chicken and Caviar offers delicious meals that Mom is sure to love

Fried Chicken and Caviar on Live in the D

Detroit has one of the hottest food scenes in the country, and there is a duo that is taking food creativity in a new direction. Nik Cole and Chi Walker of Fried Chicken and Caviar joined Tati Amare to talk about how they bring luxury and comfort foods together in a unique dining experience. Nik and Chi came up with the idea while on a “chick food date” where they learned that they both enjoy high-end foods, as well as everyday dishes; so, they created their eclectic food journey, basing it on two classics.

Nik and Chi also discussed the special Mother’s Day dinner and brunch specials, where you can spoil Mom and Mother figures with a delicious gourmet meal. Not only does the meal include various courses of tasty foods, but also a bouquet of fresh flowers. Orders are being accepted until April 28th.

Watch the video above to learn more about Fried Chicken and Caviar.