Restoring confidence in people with hair loss

Shaynae Clark has become a beauty industry innovator with her Grab N’ Go Caps

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Far from being just a feeling, Confidence is a belief that one “is” or “can be”. For many women, confidence can be connected to how they dress, walk, and talk but especially in their hairstyles. From long blond hair to big, curly afros, women use their hair as an expression of who they are but when a woman suffers from hair loss, they may feel as if they are appearing to be weak or signifying trauma to others.

Hair loss is a topic that’s normally seen but not readily discussed due to embarrassment or shame. One woman is in the business of helping people with hair loss restore confidence and morale into their everyday lives.

Shaynae Clark, the owner of the Luxury Beauty Experience Salon in Southfield, about how she turned her passion for hair loss advocacy into a career.

Clark’s journey into hair car started in high school when she joined an organization that taught her how to create wigs then donated the wigs to women suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy. This inspired Clark to continue this tradition as she moved into college and now as a professional stylist.

The truth is, many people suffer from alopecia whether it’s from everyday stress, genetics, or they are in the fight of their life against cancer. Because of this, Clark has created “Grab N’ Go Caps.” This new beauty innovation is a cap with hair extensions sewn into them giving the appearance of hair under a hat. Though this may seem simple this gives women more than just a new style; it can be a positive shift in how they view themselves during a tough time.

The cap is also for women who may not want to wear a full wig or want to give their hair a rest from any restricting style. Clark’s hair caps come in winter and summer styles. She also has a line just for kids.

As a hair loss advocate and a beauty industry innovator, Clark is hoping to get the word out about her Grab N’ Go Caps and help as many women as possible feel confident in the world.

Watch the video to learn more about Shaynae Clark and her Grab N’ Go Caps.

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