This artist is taking his work to a whole new dimension

Meet the local artist designing AR masterpieces

Tim Yanke augmented reality art on Live in the D

Technology is impacting nearly everything in our lives, and art is no different. One local artist is (literally) changing the way we see art with his most recent project. Tim Yanke is bringing his art to life with intricate 3D displays that you can use your phone or tablet to see.

It’s called augmented reality art, or AR Art, and it’s pushing the boundaries of the medium. Yanke describes himself as an evolutionist and an artist, and believes that his unique perspective helps him see the intersection between art and technology.

He was inspired by a documentary that showed the military using AR technology, and thought the concepts of motion, life, and movement would translate well to his work. He said that art was meant to evolve with time, and that he didn’t want to get comfortable just painting on a 2D surface. AR work was the natural progression for him.

The project is 3 years in the making, and works by using a free phone app called Moving Canvas to bring the works to life. Yanke showed how it works on his piece inspired by his love of music and The Rolling Stones. Just hit start, and the painting comes alive, playing music and animated effects.

Yanke says this is just the beginning for him, and that the possibilities with AR art are only growing. “Some people may look at this as the next step,” he said. “I look at it as the first step.”

To see Yanke’s work in action, watch the video above.