Take a world tour in Detroit

Experience the cultures of Detroit with Hour Detroit’s City Guide

Hour's World Tour of Detroit on Live in the D

Traveling the world is something many people often dream about. While it can’t happen for most, there is a way to experience cultures from around the world, and it’s all right here in the D.

Host Kim DeGiulio talked to Dan Caccavaro, Editor in Chief of Hour Detroit Magazine, about how the magazine is helping you plan out a world tour in and around Detroit.

Hour Detroit maps out a world tour you can take across the city for different cultural experiences. Caccavaro said his motivation for the issue came from the inability to travel during the pandemic. This was his way of giving people a way to travel and discover new places in Metro Detroit while avoiding taking a flight.

The April issue highlights Mexican, African, and Polish cultures in Detroit and many more. For a Mexican cultural experience, Hour Detroit points you to Southwest Detroit for tasty food and a chance to learn more about the culture. Caccavaro also says the issue recommends place like the Dabl’s African Bead Museum and a new restaurant with African cuisine called BaoBab Fare. The issue also includes Polish culture and recommends experiencing Americanized-polish food like a Coney Dog Pierogi.

To learn more about this around the world experience watch the video above.

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