Here’s how you can best prepare your furry friend for time away from you

Opportunities for vacation, in-person work becoming common again

Prep your pooch for time away on Live in the D

As people spent more time at home after the pandemic began, many opted to adopt puppies and dogs.

Spending so much time together at home has been great, but now, pet owners are preparing to go back to work or on vacation. So how can you best prep your pooch for the unfamiliar separation?

“Live in the D” Host Jason Carr chatted with Liz Blondy, owner of Canine to Five, to talk about just how to do that.

If you’re ready to take a vacation, you have to think about your furry friend at home. You could leave your dog at home, but you can run the risk of coming back to a messy house. Another option is to take your dog to day care. But first, you’ll want to prepare your dog to be away from you.

Blondy said sending your dog to day care beforehand, where they will be around other dogs, will help them with their manners.

If you’re leaving your dog alone, try to keep them occupied with something like a fun or tasty toy.

If the dog is going to doggy day care, look for a place for your dog where the staff is first aid trained and available overnight.

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