These fermented mocktails will make your gut happy

Their Nojito flavor caught our eye

The weather is slowly warming up and we’ll finally be spending more time outdoors. So, what should you grab to sip at the next BBQ or picnic if you want to keep it healthy, but still fun and festive? We have a unique idea for you - how about a fermented beverage?

“Live in the D” Host, Tati Amare, spoke with Julie Cielo, the creator of Ferm Fatale.

Ferm Fatale offers a variety of probiotic mocktails. They diffes from other fermented drinks, like kombucha, in that the base is a drink called “shrub,” a vinegar-based fruit juice which is being repopularized since the colonial era. Ferm Fatale ferments all the sugar out of the shrub, and then adds fresh kombucha to it. It comes in four classic cocktail flavors including Madame Mule, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, and Nojito.

Cielo first developed the drink because she suffered from an autoimmune disease and couldn’t drink alcohol. As a young woman, she felt left out as her friends enjoyed some alcoholic beverages. She decided to create a drink that was actually healthy for you but still gave you that fun, cocktail feel.

They recently released a new flavor called Iconic Water, which can be used as a substitute for tonic water in your standard cocktails, and gives you the added probiotic benefits. Watch the video above to see how she makes a Motown Mocktail.

For more information on Ferm Fatale, including how to order, visit their website.

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