Beat your blues with some Vitamin D

Did you know it’s also important for your immune system?

Jody Trierweiler shares why vitamin D is important to our bodies.

If you are looking to boost your mood or improve your health, there is one vitamin that can do both and has even more surprising benefits. Nutrition and fitness expert, Jody Trierweiler, spoke to Tati Amare about how Vitamin D is helpful to everyday life and how to get it when the sun isn’t shining. Jody said most people know that Vitamin D is good for our bones and teeth, but it is also critical for our immune system. Without sufficient levels of Vitamin D, our bodies can’t fight pathogens or illnesses properly. It is also good for cardiovascular health and our skin, hair, and nails. Jody said that it can significantly boost our moods as well. She suggests asking your doctor to check your level of Vitamin D to see if you may need supplements.

Watch the video above to find out how you can get more Vitamin D in your diet.