Expert shares his thoughts on budgeting for the season, so you can have a fun-filled summer

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For many, Memorial Day means the end of the school year and the beginning of summer break.

Each year, millions of people escape to the beach and on other summer vacations. But taking a vacation from your day-to-day routine doesn’t mean you have to take time off from saving from retirement.

“Live in the D” host Jason Carr spoke with Mike Windle, owner and financial adviser at Custom Wealth Solutions, to help you plan for retirement.

Summer typically means more fun and more spending, Windle said.

This is a good time to reset your budget for the year.

Windle said summer is a great time to look at finances, because with a proper budget, you’ll be able to spend without worry.

This can also help you stay within your means, so you can continue to reap the benefits when you retire.

Windle also acknowledged that college tuition continues to increase -- and he encouraged others to use the programs that allow you to buy college tuition at today’s price.

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