The struggles of fatherhood and a Hollywood icon are taking over screens this weekend

Reel Talk also highlights human sea monsters, and a 1980′s pop band

Movie Reviewer Greg Russell talks about 4 movies that are hitting screens this weekend

It’s a perfect weekend to spend time with dad and the family, so why not check out one of these four movies that are hitting TV and movie screens.

In this week’s Reel Talk, movie reviewer Greg Russell started with the new drama/comedy, Fatherhood, starring Kevin Hart. In the movie, Hart unexpectedly becomes a single father of his infant daughter. As she grows, so does the number of valuable lessons he learns on what it’s like to be a single parent.

Next was Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It. It is about the legendary, EGOT-winner Rita Moreno and her struggles to overcome typecasting and racism during her early years as an actress. Greg spoke to Moreno who said even after she won the Golden Globe and the Oscar, quality work was hard to find, and she paid the price for standing up for herself and her beliefs.

Another movie Greg reviewed was Luca, a new coming-of- age movie by Pixar. The movie is about two pre-teen sea monsters who spend an amazing summer having fun in a beautiful Italian seaside port city. Greg said the movie is interesting and will most likely draw out a “Pixar tear” or two.

Finally, there was The Sparks Brothers, a movie about an influential and successful, yet unknown, band in the 1970s and 1980s called Sparks. Greg spoke to the members of the band, brothers Ron and Russell Mael, and the director of the movie, Edgar Wright. Greg said it is an interesting movie about a band you may or may not know, but will grow to like. He gave the movie four out of five reels.

Watch the video above for more about the movies from this week’s Reel Talk.