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Talented students art pieces on display

Cranbrook Academy of Art on Live in the D
Cranbrook Academy of Art on Live in the D

You may live in the Cranbrook area and walk into the Cranbrook Art Museum to gander at many of the art pieces on display, but did you realize many of the pieces are done by students.

Cranbrook Academy of Art has contributed art pieces done by students to the Cranbrook Art Museum for many years from a wide range of creative students.

Cranbrook Academy of Art is a smaller program that not many know of but has attracted students from around the world and is very selective on who is part of the academy.

Andrew Blauvelt is the Director at the Cranbrook Art Museum and spoke on the history of contributions along with new pieces that are being introduced. He also spoke about the new exhibit With Eyes Opened which showcases the influence Cranbrook Academy of Arts students have had in art, architecture, and design.

Watch the video above for more information and how to see these pieces of art yourself.

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