Keep your summer hair color from fading away

Sunscreen could help your hair

Jon Jordan Talks Hair Fading on Live in the D

Sunscreen could be the secret ingredient for your hair care regiment this summer season.

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan revealed that he puts sunscreen in his hair. Jon says to look for products that offer UV protection to keep your hair color shining through the season.

You can put a barrier product in your hair to protect it when you’re heading to the beach or hopping in the pool. Argon oil is one option, but you can even wet your hair with clean water to prevent your hair from absorbing chemicals.

There are multiple products that can help if you’re already running into trouble with your hair. You can use a chlorine removal shampoo or try an apple cider vinegar based shampoo.

Another tip from Jon is to use regular or dry shampoos that have color in them to really make your hair color pop.

Watch this video to find out the “old school” technique that could help your hair color.