Transport your tastebuds across the world through a giant screen

Chef Robert Irvine puts cooks to a worldly test on his new show

Robert Irvine Talks New Show "The Globe" on Live in the D

A food network star and world traveler is ready to take us on a culinary journey. Chef Robert Irvine is known for his shows Restaurant: Impossible and Dinner: Impossible - now he has a new show that is all about celebrating food from around the world.

Chef Robert Irvine stopped by Live In The D to talk about his new show The Globe.

Irvine explained that The Globe transports chefs and the audience all around the world from a 270-degree screen. Chefs will create food from many places that you may have never heard of or experienced their cuisine.

The executive chefs will not only experience new food but also new equipment that they may have never used or seen before.

The Globe premieres Saturday, July 17th on Discovery+.

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