Cremé Brûleé Salon Detroit opens and is inclusive to all hairstyles

Hair, nail, and more special services

Cremé Brûleé Salon on Live in the D
Cremé Brûleé Salon on Live in the D

Owner of Cremé Brûleé Salon Katrina Wilson found inspiration for opening this brand new salon to end segregation within the beauty industry.

Wilson found inspiration while being out with friends and going to a salon that was not able to work with the different hair, textures, and nail requests due to them not being trained or aware.

“At that moment, I knew that was my passion. I wanted to create a salon that was diverse and inclusive of everybody,” said Wilson.

Cremé Brûleé is a full-service and multicultural salon. The salon specializes in natural hair care, nail, pedicure, barber, and more services.

On the corner of Woodward and E. Baltimore, Wilson says she hopes this salon brings hope for the neighborhood and for the people that grew up in the community. She wants to inspire all from the youth to the elderly.

Watch the video above for more information, and to learn a simple trick from one of her stylists.

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