See how you can rock the wet look on a rainy day

Brighten up a rainy day with these wet hair looks

Live in the D - How to rock the wet hair look
Live in the D - How to rock the wet hair look

With all of the rain we’ve had this summer, it can put a damper on things, especially your hair and makeup. Well, embracing the wet look in wet weather might not be a bad idea when it’s pouring outside and you have to go out. Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan spoke to Tati Amare about the different ways you can look good with a wet look if the forecast calls for rain.

The first look Jon suggested was a sleek ponytail because it is versatile. You can go from gym to happy hour with a chic low bun or ponytail. Next he said with a little help from hairspray or gel, you can get a couple of different looks, such as a slicked back hairstyle or a loose curl.

Watch the video above to see what Jon says you should do with your makeup in wet weather!