This mask will help you glow

Jon Jordan is helping you mask up with a facial that makes you glow

Mask Treatment with Jon Jordan

Masks are part of our daily lives now and that’s means there’s a lot of fabric touching our faces. That’s why you should think about wearing a different type of mask to keep your face vibrant and healthy,

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan has just the mask you need... a facial mask.

Jordan explained that there is a mask for everyone, depending on what your skin needs. He compared it to a “megadose” that gives your face what it needs whether it’s too dry, too oily, or if you have any other skin issues.

Jordan said reading the label on masks in stores is essential to choosing the best one for you, but you can also make a nice D-I-Y mask from items in your kitchen. Jon Jordan’s favorite face mask recipe includes watermelon juice, aloe, and a little bit of Vitamin E oil which can be substituted for virgin Olive Oil. Other ingredients to keep on hand for your future face masks are raw honey and turmeric since they are anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Jon Jordan says you can use the mask any time but it’s particularly important to use it before facing frenemies to show off your facial glow!

Watch the video to learn more.

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