Listen to how this cool instrument creates those unique Caribbean/Hip-Hop vibes

Aaron BraveSoul Parrott performs using a steelpan drum

Music Mondays - Aaron BraveSoul Parrott

A steelpan drum is often used in Caribbean music and now a local musician is updating those sounds and blending them into a fusion with Hip-Hop. Aaron BraveSoul Parrott explained how he learned to play this drum, going to Toronto with his father, and watching live performances. Parrott eventually earned to play and says the instrument should not be limited to one style of music.

“The steel pan gets a reputation of being just ‘cruise ship music,’ I’m here to let people know that it’s more than cruise ship music,” said Parrott.

With his newest single, Fuego, Parrott wanted to give many flares and tastes of different music genres. He is looking forward to a release party Thursday, August 26.

Watch the video above for the full interview and performance of Fuego.

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