Neighborhood butcher shops are making a comeback

These specialty shops offer something you can’t find at the big box stores

Plymouth Prime Meats on Live in the D
Plymouth Prime Meats on Live in the D

The days of the traditional neighborhood butcher shop went on the chopping block years ago, and many were replaced by meat departments in big box stores. Now we are seeing these small neighborhood butcher shops making a comeback.

Plymouth Prime Meats Store Manager Will Cantrell calls the local butcher shop a family-oriented business, like a neighborhood business where everybody knows everybody. They know their customers’ names to make them feel at home, and watch their kids grow up.

Along with personal service, these meat shops can offer special grades of meat such as prime cuts. At Plymouth Prime Meats they even dry age meat at the store, which lends a supreme flavor and texture. Butcher shops like Plymouth Prime Meats also offer a variety of pork, chicken and fresh seafood as well as a wide variety of gourmet seasonings.

Watch the video above to learn more so you can take your next barbecue to the next level.

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