Have you ever tried a pasty? Now you can at this family-owned restaurant in Clawson

Barb’s Country Kitchen has pasties and pizzas and a whole lot more

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There’s lots of food that Michigan is known for like our apples and cherries, and today we’ll show you where you can get something special right here in the D, from Michigan’s great “Up North” - like way up north in the U.P.

Lance Sell and Eric Sell are brothers and co-owners of Barb’s Country Kitchen in Clawson. They joined Jason Carr to tell show how they specialize in delectable -pasties., commonly sold in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Barb’s Country Kitchen was started by Barb and Jerry Sell in Clawson in 1984. Now the six brothers and sisters run the business and keep their mother and father’s business thriving.

Eric Sell explained that pasties are full of potatoes, onions, rutabaga, and beef and the pastry is made with lard. Lance said Barb’s Country Kitchen has sold over 3 million pasties since opening the business. They also offers a variety of menu items like pizza, subs, salads, loaded peppers, pasta, and more.

Watch the video to learn more and see how a a pasty is made!

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