This Detroit native is inspiring others to chase their dreams

Media Personality Jemele Hill shares how Detroit shaped her

Jemele Hill on Live in the D

Today on Live in the D, media personality Jemele Hill chatted with Tati Amare to catch up and talk about how her Detroit roots prepared her to pursue her dreams.

Hill is a hometown girl born and raised in Detroit, who is now moving and shaking in the world of media. She says it’s always great to come back to Detroit and makes it a point to mention on national stages where she’s from, the things she’s learned, and how Detroit has shaped and molded her.

The media personality expressed that Detroit had a lot to do with how she sees the world. She says Detroiters have a hustle and grind to them, but at the same time are humble. She also says the difficult and challenging times in Detroit served her well later in life, so when she did face adversities and struggles, she was able to stay calm amidst a lot of panic.

Hill also gave some tips for those chasing their dreams. She says you must realize what’s meant for you is for you, and that comparison is the theft of joy. She also expressed to not let anyone outwork you because there are a lot of things you cannot control, so focus on what you can control.

Watch the video above for Jemele Hill’s full interview.

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