This new show is a chocolate meltdown just in time for some Halloween fun!

Sunny Anderson hosts a new baking show inside Hersheypark.

Sunny Anderson Chocolate Meltdown on Live in the Dooo

Believe it or not, Halloween is just four weekends away which means it’s time for some scary good fun and of course, chocolate. One new show is combining the two by leaving the lights on at an amusement park after the doors are closed to guests, but the park will not be empty. It’s all for the new show “Chocolate Meltdown” after dark.

Jason Carr chatted with Sunny Anderson, the host of “Chocolate Meltdown” at Hersheypark in Pennsylvania, about what tasty, haunted treats to expect from this new show.

Anderson is known for her commentary and cooking on the Food Network. Now she is guiding viewers through Hersheypark as contestants will race through the park to create giant chocolatey, candy show pieces before the night ends. She said the contestants take on rides and run through the park for clues and materials to finish their chocolate masterpiece but beware, they may face another challenge as they complete their final rounds so expect an actual meltdown!

Anderson also said that she loves Halloween because of the candy and hayrides, but she celebrates all year long with her friend “Bill the skeleton” who hangs out on her deck.

You can watch “Chocolate Meltdown” on the Food Network.

Watch the video above to learn more.

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