Go green with fashion

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan says stay evergreen this fall

Jon Jordan: Go Green for Fall on Live in the D

The leaves may be transitioning to traditional fall colors from bold gold, ruby red, and all shades in between, but this season you may want to keep your wardrobe evergreen. Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan chatted with Jason Carr about how you should go green this fall.

First, Jordan says Forest Green is a deep sumptuous green that looks great on a quilted bag, an oxford shoe with a thick sole, or a patent leather jacket.

Jon also says Kelly Green resembles the green everyone sports on St. Patrick’s Day. He says Kelly Green is intended to be mix well with Forest Green.

The style editor says don’t be afraid of what greens go together because all the multi-shades of green are meant to be worn together. He also says another subtle way to embrace green is with nail polish or a hint of eyeshadow.

Watch the video above for more fashion advice from Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan.

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