This movie is worth the wait

Movie reviewer Greg Russell covers “No Time To Die”, “I’m Your Man”, and “Wu-Tang: An American Saga”

Reel Talk on Live in the D

Movie reviewer Greg Russell joined Tati Amare today on Live In The D for Reel Talk with some some exciting movies and a new series.

After being pushed back several times because of the pandemic, the wait is finally over. The final James Bond movie, No Time To Die, starring Danial Craig is hitting the theaters today. Russell says it was worth the wait and Craig delivers in this film. He gives this movie four and a half reels.

Next, I’m Your Man, starring Dan Stevens is a German film with an interesting plot. Russell says it is about a company that invents an artificial intelligence dating app which creates a virtual person based on your requests. Stevens, who plays the virtual man in the film, chatted with Russell, and says this film looks at the imperfections of humanity. Russell gives this movie three reels.

Finally, Russell was able to talk with RZA, the creator of Wu-Tang: An American Saga which streams on Hulu. This is the second season of the series and Russell says it is all about how the group got started. RZA says all emotions come from watching and creating the series, especially watching the young actors relive the moments of the Wu-Tang Clan. Russell says whether you are a fan or not you will enjoy this.

To see Russell’s full reviews and interviews with the casts, watch the video above.

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