“Pretty Woman” stops a while at the Fisher Theatre

Olivia Valley and Adam Pascal talk about Pretty Woman: The Musical

Pretty Woman on Live in the D

Pretty woman. Those two words may bring a couple of things to mind. First, you may start humming the iconic song by Roy Orbison, or you may be thinking about the classic rom-com starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Both the movie and the song have inspired a new stage production that is making a stop at the Fisher Theatre from November 2nd through November 14th.

The stars of the show, Olivia Valli, who plays Vivian Ward, and Adam Pascal, who plays Edward Lewis, joined Jason Carr to talk about Pretty Woman: The Musical.

Pascal says the musical is a true version of the movie that has been transferred to the stage and put to an incredible score by Grammy®-winner Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance. He says it is a wonderful story to begin with and now it has incredible music.

Valley says when stepping into the iconic costume that opens the movie, she feels incredible and ready to step into those five-inch platform boots every night with honor. She says it is essential to bring your essence into playing iconic roles because that is what brings the magic. She also says it is a combination of smart acting and material lending.

Both stars say the best thing about touring around the country is finding great restaurants in every city they visit.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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