Check out these two movies this Halloween weekend

Movie Reviewer Greg Russell talk about “Antlers”, “Last Night in Soho”, and picks scariest movie in the last five years

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There are some new movies out this Halloween weekend, including one that will give you the frights that you are looking for.

Movie reviewer Greg Russell joined Jason Carr to talk about two movies hitting the big screens.

First, Antlers starring Keri Russell, is a movie about a school teacher who moves back to the Pacific Northwest and realizes one of her students is having some issues, so she follows him back home and discovers some things going on. Greg was able to chat with Russell and the Director Scott Cooper about how to make a good horror movie. Cooper says people in everyday life make illogical decisions and without it where is the fun? Greg says it is a bizarre movie and he gives it three reels.

Next, a thriller starring Anya Taylor-Joy called Last Night in Soho. The movie is directed by Edgar Wright and Greg says it is about a young girl who goes to London to become a dress designer and suddenly she begins to have these weird dreams where she’s able to enter the 1960s. Greg chatted with Taylor-Joy and Wright about the film. Taylor-Joy says production shut down entire streets of SoHo and turned it into the SoHo of the 60′s. She says being an actor growing up in London made it surreal because she spent a lot of time in that neighborhood and it is like walking past ghosts of yourself. Wright says this was Dianna Riggs last film and it is one of his proudest moments working with her. He says she was so funny, fierce, and a joy to be with.

During Reel Talk Greg also called up a friend who really is into scary and horror movies, actor James Jude Courtney, also known for Michael Myers from the Halloween movies. Courtney and Greg agreed, the scariest movie in the last five years is Get Out. He says the movie was a game changer and it was frightening.

Watch the video above for the full interview and more information on movie reviews from Greg Russell.

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