Doctor describes most common injuries in youth sports, provides ways to protect young athletes

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After many programs were put on hold amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, the kids in our lives are eager to get back to enjoying popular fall and winter sports, like football, basketball and downhill skiing, but all the fun can sometimes lead to injuries.

Dr. William Kesto, an orthopedic surgeon with the CORE Institute, joined “Live in the D” host Tati Amare to discuss ways we can help protect the young athletes in our lives.

With football season well underway, the two biggest injuries in the sport involve the shoulder and knee, Kesto said, adding that shoulder dislocations can led to cartilage injuries that require surgeries. The knee injuries, he said, involve cartilage meniscus tears and the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

Kesto said should parents notice major swelling of the knee joint, or if the athlete cannot put any weight on it, it is time to have the knee evaluated.

Kesto said basketball can get just as physical as other sports. One injury unique to basketball is ankle sprains, because it is easy to roll your ankle over the ball or a crowd of players. With ankle sprains, he said, you will see a lot of swelling and bruising. He suggested athletes be evaluated and get into physical therapy to retrain those ankle muscles, get the stability back and return to play.

Research shows female athletes are almost eight times more likely to suffer ACL injuries than male athletes, Kesto said, adding that the reason for this is because of the female’s anatomy and muscle imbalances. He encourages female athletes to participate in jump trainings, neuromuscular trainings or conditioning programs that will ensure they have the right muscle balance between the quads, hamstrings and hip muscles, in order to decrease the risk of getting injured while being active.

Downhill skiing will soon be here, and Kesto said kids should have the proper equipment for their skill level. A common injury in skiing is concussions and falling, so he recommends a well-fitted helmet and to stay bundled up.

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The CORE Institute can help young athletes by treating all orthopedic musculoskeletal spine injuries. In-office X-rays, casting, physical therapy and urgent orthopedic appointments are available every day, along with expedited athlete appointments. There are three locations, each located in Southfield, Novi, and Brighton.

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