Get new and old school kicks at these sneaker shops

Three shops in and around Detroit feature classic shoes that you may have had or wanted as a kid

Sneaker Shops on Live in the D

Sneakers have been, and continue to be, a huge part of Detroit’s colorful culture. From how they are worn, to the art they inspire, sneakers, or gym shoes, have made an impact on the city. Now there are many stores in and around Detroit that are dedicated to sneaker culture. Kila Peeples checked out three shops that have almost every kind of old school shoe you have either wanted, or rocked back in the day.

First up was Privileged Kicks in Westland where there are hundreds of sneakers to shop for, especially the historic line of Nike Air Jordans. Owner Darrell Harrison took his own love for Jordans and began selling them out of a car. He became so popular that he opened a brick-and-mortar store earlier this year. Privileged Kicks also sells Yeezy’s and other sneakers in adult and kid sizes.

Next was Bob’s Classic Kicks in Midtown Detroit, and like Privileged Kicks, Bob’s specializes in old school gym shoes and newer ones. Adidas, Reebok’s and even Ked’s, the shop has something that will have you remembering the happy days of getting a box of new shoes for school. Plus, there’s always a funky soundtrack playing while you shop, artwork, and clothing made from local designers.

Finally, there is Sneaker Legends in downtown West Dearborn. This place not only has new and gently used shoes for sale, but they will also buy back your classic sneakers for cash or store credit. Sneaker Legends also has a special glass case filled with extremely rare shoes, signed sports jerseys hanging on the walls, and a game machine where you can win a free pair of shoes.

For more on these classic sneaker stores, watch the video above.

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