Looking for Thanksgiving meal sides while staying within a budget? Some ideas for you

One place has turkey, side dishes and pumpkin pie for $30, this business says

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Thanksgiving is not far off.

Have you made your plans for the feast? The holiday is a time to gather and share good meals with loved ones.

Buying all the food and beverages can add up. Prices for many things are higher than last year, so, what strategies can help make it a delicious occasion without causing some heartburn later?

One place says it has turkey, side dishes and pumpkin pie all for $30.

Turkey is usually the centerpiece for the feasts, but having tasty sides can make or break your meal.

Chef and author Serena Wolf, on behalf of Aldi, suggests keeping the classics on hand, including roasted or mashed potatoes, peas, stuffing, cranberry sauce and rolls.

But when it comes to adding more healthy sides to the table, Wolf suggested using fresh produce. She created a roasted carrot dish with walnuts, feta and herbs, along with a kale salad with shaved Brussels sprouts and pomegranates.

If you already made your grocery list with the fresh produce included, but you’re not quite ready to stand in the crowds, you could opt-in to grocery delivery. Wolf believes this will make your holiday preparation even easier this year.

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