Eye-catching treats that are helping the community

One bakery in Clawson creates eye-catching cakes and desserts with a Filipino influence

Takeout Tuesday: Sherlie’s Delights on Live in the D

One bakery in Clawson creates eye-catching cakes and desserts with a Filipino influence.

Live In The D’s Michelle Oliver chatted with Sherlie Hayden, owner of Sherlie’s Delights in Clawson, to tell us more.

At Sherlie’s Delights you can find all of your go-to desserts like chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and cupcakes. The bakery is mainly known as a cake lover’s dream because you can easily find your favorite cake flavors including Carrot, German Chocolate, and Pound Cake, but what makes this bakery stand out is its Filipino treats. One of their desserts gained lots of attention on social media for its bright colors. It’s called “Ube” cake. Hayden explained that Ube cake is a Filipino traditional cake that’s full of flavor. The owner also has cinnamon rolls that she makes from scratch. Hayden says making tasteful, handmade cinnamon rolls is a tiring process but worth it to get the tasty flavor.

Along with making tasty treats, Hayden also enjoys giving back to her community through Sherlie’s Delights. Through out the pandemic she has hosted school fundraisers. The fundraiser help her bakery with exposure but they also help classrooms get the funds they need for field trips, supplies, and more. She is open to helping more community members, so if you know classrooms or sports teams in need she says to contact her.

Watch the video to learn more about what makes her traditional “Ube” cake purple!

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