Could home insulation help you save money and keep warmer this holiday season?

The cost of heating your home is expected to be significantly higher this winter, experts say

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Ready for winter?

The Department of Energy wants everyone to prepare for big jumps in the cost of heating their home, which could be 50% higher than last year, according to estimates.

Many people know about attic insulation, but you can actually insulate your entire home.

David Potts from USA Insulation said you can insulate almost any type of home from the outside by pumping insulation throughout the walls.

Potts said when helping customers decide on home insulation, he asks if the walls already have insulation.

According to Potts, if your home was built before the 1980s, insulation wasn’t required, therefore, there may not be any. This can be confirmed during a pre-check.

Insulation can help by holding the heat or air inside the home. This can help you save money over time by not having to blast as much heat or air conditioning.

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