3 ways to maintain skin health during the harsh winter months

Don’t put away your sunscreen just yet ...

Get Ready for Winter Week: Detroit Aesthetics on Live in the D

Just like we need to change our wardrobe as the cold weather approaches, we also must change up our skincare routine.

The new season brings on its own complications when it comes to having healthy skin, so we went to the experts to get some advice on how to be sure our skin is winter ready.

Kyle Farr, a board-certified nurse practitioner with a doctorate of nursing practice, who works with Detroit Aesthetics Company, had these tips:

  1. Stay hydrated both inside and out. Hydration is key to winter skincare. As the cold weather comes in, many will be turning on their furnaces to heat their homes. This will dry out the air and, in turn, dry out your skin.
  2. Exfoliation is more important this time of year. The dryer your skin is, the more often you will need to exfoliate it. Your skin will naturally exfoliate more slowly during the winter, so you will need to do a little extra work to remove the dead skin. Be careful though, you don’t want to over-exfoliate.
  3. You still need to wear your SPF. While you might think you can forgo the sunscreen because you plan to bundle up and stay inside, Farr says snow actually reflects UV-B rays 80%, effectively, as opposed to sand, which only reflects 15%, so keep slathering on the sunscreen to protect your skin.

For more skin advice, watch the full video above.

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