When it comes to Thanksgiving, is it all about the Turkey or the sides?

What’s The Buzz is all about the feast happening this Thursday

What's the Buzz - Thanksgiving Dinner

You know What’s The Buzz this week is all about Thanksgiving! The turkey, the parade, family, and much more.

Live In The D host Jason Carr talked about this with author and motivational speaker Mimi Brown, Jason Hall with RiDetroit, and Lauren Crocker from The Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD. The group covered topics from having a “sidesgiving” with all sides and no turkey, to if your feast should include eating at multiple locations.

Though they didn’t agree on if you can do without turkey for Thanksgiving, there is something that everyone could agree on. When asked about how to construct your Thanksgiving meal Brown said her family has a before, during, and after meal, but each point in time involves eating with a small break between plates. Both Crocker and Hall agreed with Brown that buffet style and grabbing a plate when available is the best way to celebrate the holiday.

When asked about eating at multiple locations Crocker said she enjoys visiting other homes on Thanksgiving to see everyone’s traditions. While Hall had a different idea saying Thanksgiving can be a great time to stop rushing around and sit down with the family to enjoy true quality time.

Watch the video to hear more about what the trio had to say about Thanksgiving.

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