Prepare for the holidays with Small Business Saturday

Find great gifts for your loved ones while shopping around your community

Small Business Saturday: Leon & Lulu on Live in the D

Holidays mean gifts and gatherings, and as your celebrations come together you can support local shops on Small Business Saturday.

Host Jason Carr spoke with Mary Liz Curtin, the owner of the small business Leon and Lulu in Clawson, about everything from the gifts to give to what to wear to holidays parties.

It’s time for the holidays and Mary Liz has lots of gifts that will be perfect for your loved ones. She showed off her favorite bottle of wine that was described as a perfect pairing for turkey and difficult relatives. And, when it comes to Michigan products, Leon and Lulu offers lots of Michigan-made products like jams & jellies, sweatshirts, holiday decorations, and more.

Mary Liz also emphasized how important small businesses are to the community. She says that small businesses help the economy and keep money in your neighborhood.

Watch the video to learn more.

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