How to enjoy that holiday shopping for special gifts

All the reasons to consider the Birmingham Shopping District

Festive Shopping for special gifts at Birmingham Shopping District on Live in the D

If you are looking for special gifts and a fun holiday shopping experience, the Birmingham Shopping District has a variety of ideas.

Erika Bassett said shopping in Birmingham is a wonderful place to shop for all your gifts and goodies this holiday season.

She said...

  1. They have all kinds of local and national retailers, so you can shop local and get your big-ticket items.
  2. The festive atmosphere puts you in the holiday mood. Santa is visiting.
  3. Customer service and consideration are things to think about.


It’s fun to buy gifts that show pride for our state, and Bassett said many of their retailers carry Michigan-made or local items. The Townsend Hotel offers delicious baked goods for parties and celebrations this season. The hotel also offers its own holiday tea, Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day brunch.

For gift items, you can visit Suhm-Thing, which has everything Michigan. She said one of the cool items they have in the store is an actual piece of the Mackinac Bridge that was taken off during the recent renovation.

For the guys in your life, you can visit the Claymore Shop, which has the accessories to stay festive this holiday season, including socks, ties and personal care products. She also said Untied On Woodward is offering many gifts, including unisex Ray Ban sunglasses.

If the person you are buying for loves handbags, she said B. May offers bags of all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns.

She said if the person you are buying for is into “athleisure” wear, Steele Angel has everything you need, including festive accessories.

If you are looking for some winter activities, Don Thomas is ready to cover you, head to toe, with gear and equipment for all your winter sporting needs this holiday season, Bassett said.

People have been through a lot and deserve to be pampered, Bassett added.

Margot European Spa has a full-service spa and other items for sale. On Monday, they are offering a “cyber Monday” 20% off sale. Bassett said wine is also relaxing, and suggested the Birmingham Wine Shop, where you can visit Helene to pick the perfect bottle.

Bateel offers packaged sweets that are beautiful for the holidays, parties, celebrations, host gifts and more.

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