Here’s how to enjoy local flavors during the holidays

Meijer Rivertown Market in Detroit features many locally sourced items

Meijer Rivertown Market on Live in the D

Our community is home to impressive local vendors creating all kinds of goods and items to enhance our lives.

Rivertown Market in Detroit has thousands of these locally sourced products.

Marcus Reliford, director of the new Meijer Rivertown Market in Detroit, shared some food assortments and gift ideas that are sold in the store that would be good for the holidays.

He recommended products from Lana’s Bake Shop, Lush Yummies Pie Company, City Bird, the Give Merit Foundation, Ferris Coffee & Nut, Germack Pistachio Co., and different floral arrangements.

He emphasized that by shopping for and supporting locally made items, you help local businesses grow as well as the community.

Reliford also said being able to provide businesses the opportunity to be successful and go to the next level is huge.

Watch the video above to learn more about Meijer Rivertown Market and its local products.

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