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Movie reviewer Greg Russell talks about “The Matrix Resurrections”, “Sing 2″, “American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story”, “The King’s Man”, and “The Lost Daughter”

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The holiday weekend is a huge weekend for movie theaters because people have time off and will head to the show, even on Christmas Day. A bunch of new options are hitting screens starting today.

Movie reviewer Greg Russell joined Live in the D host Jason Carr to talk about The Matrix Resurrections, Sing 2, American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story, The King’s Man, and The Lost Daughter.

The Matrix Resurrections

Russell said “The Matrix Resurrections” shows what the characters are going through now. He said it highlights what is going on in Neo’s life. He said in the movie they want to bring the game back and want to know what Neo is going to do about it.

He also chatted with some of the cast members about the film. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II said the film is an exhilarating experience from beginning to end, with action, comedy, and a love story. Jonathan Groff said that the film is the perfect Christmas present because it is something you can see with your friends, family, or on a date. Priyanka Chopra Jonas said she is proud to be a part of a legacy movie that has transcended genders, times, and generations.

Russell gave this film three and a half reels.

Sing 2

Russell talked about a film with an ensemble cast of voices that are back together again in “Sing 2.” He said it is a fun movie, all about a group that wants to go out and make music and get on shows. Once they are all set to do this show, a bad animal decides to knock them down, but this does not stop them, and they figure out a way to get into the show.

Russell talked to Nick Kroll about the film. Kroll said in this film there are a lot of people telling the characters “no,” and they do not stop. He added that the beauty of being an artist and a performer is that you have to trust that you have a fun and interesting story to tell.

Russell gave this movie four and a half reels.

American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story

Russell gave his insight on “American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story,” starring Dennis Quaid. Russell said it tells the story of Kurt Warner, who went from starting in a grocery store to being the quarterback of the St. Louis Rams and taking them to the Super Bowl. He said it is a very moving story and gets your emotions going. Russell gave this movie four reels.

The King’s Man

Russell said “The King’s Man” is a prequel about how the group got started over in London. He said in this film we are going to find out which guy started it and how he got it going. He said this would be a perfect movie to sit down and enjoy.

The Lost Daughter

The new movie on Netflix, “The Lost Daughter,” stars Olivia Colman and Dakota Johnson. Russell said this is Maggie Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut and it is all about two women meeting each other on vacation and finding out their lives are on similar paths.

Russell was able to talk with Gyllenhaal and cast members about the film. Gyllenhaal said this film was so bold in how truthful it is, adding that she thinks we made an agreement as a culture not to talk about all sorts of aspects of our experiences, especially as women. Johnson said it is hard with movies when you keep seeing things that are so unrealistic and you are striving to be this perfect mother, woman, or wife, adding that the reality is that being flawed is being perfect. Johnson also said this movie is about the real experiences of women and motherhood.

Russell gives this movie four reels.

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