Can comfort food be healthy?

What’s the Buzz is all about comfort food

We’ve all felt that winter chill and one way to warm up maybe with a nice helping of comfort food. January is National Soup Month after all, and we know some hot tomato soup and grilled cheese can do the trick. So today for What’s the Buzz we’re discussing comfort food.

Joining Host Jason Carr to talk about it are Lauren Crocker with “The Blaine Fowler Morning Show” on 96.3 WDVD, AJ Williams, the Managing Editor of The Michigan Chronicle, and Blogger-In-Chief at, and Jason Hall with RiDetroit.

First off, does it have to be unhealthy to be comfort food? Or in other words, can comfort food be healthy? Hall says that while comfort food doesn’t necessarily have to be fatty, it does need to be filling. Williams agreed, saying that while she doesn’t think it needs to be unhealthy, she couldn’t think of any healthy comfort food that she would want. While trends have been to make comfort food more healthy, like making vegan mac and cheese, Crocker says the best are always the originals.

So, is it more about the memory, or the taste when it comes to comfort food? For Crocker, it’s all about the taste, because otherwise, it’s not very god food. While she does like the memories, in the end, the taste is king. While Williams says she agrees with Crocker, she says the reason a specific food is comforting is because of the memories. The taste should bring you back to a time where you felt warm and comforted. Hall also agreed, saying it’s a little bit of both.

What’s your favorite comfort food? For Jason Hall it is pizza, a whole pizza to be specific. Williams loves her loaded baked potato soup. As she puts it, anything with bacon is good. Crocker says it’s her husband’s special Sunday Sauce with pasta that makes her feel comforted. Her husband loves to do it up, cooking all day, making the home smell of garlic, and filling the sauce with hearty short ribs.

For the whole conversation watch the video above. What’s the Buzz tackles a new topic every Monday.

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