Customize Your Cosmetics For Winter

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan shared some remedies for cold weather cosmetic issues

With the weather being cold and dreary, so are our skin tones. Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan provided some cosmetic suggestions to combat the cold.

Jon showed us how blue foundation can be used to neutralize orange undertones in your makeup. He said often times the color of the foundation does not match the color of the packaging, and mixing the blue foundation can help you get the cooler color you want.

Jon also said if you are looking for a warmer undertone, mixing different shades of colored hair paste to your foundation can provide a warm luster to your undertones.

If you wish to add some warmth to the rest of your body, Jon suggests mixing tanning drops with your moisturizer to make self tanning lotion for your face or body. He said that olive oil or avocado oil can boost your moisturizer or hair conditioner, and intensify the effect of anything you want to moisturize.

To see Jon and Tati’s cosmetic conversation, and how to mix foundations, watch the video above.