A classic horror movie comes back to make you “Scream” this weekend

New movie, “Shattered” and episodes of “Cobra Kai” are also discussed in this week’s Reel Talk

Some very familiar faces are coming back to the big, and small, screens this weekend, including a new installment of a popular horror movie franchise. Movie reviewer Greg Russell spoke to Jason Carr on this week’s Reel Talk about the movie “Scream 4″, about “Shattered”, and the new season of “Cobra Kai”. Greg began with “Scream” starring Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courtney Cox. This is the fifth movie of the franchise, picking up 25 years after the initial attack on Campbell’s character Sidney Prescott, and her crew. Ghost face is back, and is terrorizing a new class of students from Woodsboro High School, so Sidney and her friends come together to help rid them of the killer for good.

Next was “Shattered”, starring Cameron Monaghan, from the show “Shameless”, and John Malkovich. Also a thriller, this movie is about a rich tech mogul, who meets a mysterious woman who might have deadly intentions. Greg interviewed Monaghan about the movie, who said the film is “a wild ride...with a mix of a bunch of different genres”. Plus, the movie is 90 minutes, something Monaghan said was a good quality about the movie, it’s short and gets to the point. Greg gave it three-and-a half reels out of five.

Finally, there is season four of “Cobra Kai”, a different take on the characters from the 1980′s iconic movie, “The Karate Kid”. Main characters, Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence continue to disagree, and fight, as they manage their prospective karate dojos. Greg said it’s a great show to binge watch, especially for the nostalgia.

Watch the video to see Greg’s interview with the cast.