Love, mystery, and monsters heat up movie screens this frosty weekend

Find out which movie surprised movie reviewer Greg Russell

A love story is hitting movie theaters today, and there are some new films streaming that you might want to watch this weekend. Movie reviewer Greg Russell spoke to Jason Carr about three movies now out including, “Redeeming Love”, “Brazen”, and “Hotel Transylvania: Transformania”.

The first movie Greg talked about was “Redeeming Love”, starring Nina Dobrev, Eric Dane, and Abigail Cowen. The movie is based off of a 1991 Francine Rivers book that tells the story of a young girl in the 1850s who was taken away from her family and forced into traumatic situations. Wondering if she will ever find true love, she ends up connecting to her soulmate in an unexpected way. Greg said the movie came in under the radar and has captured his interest. He said it has religious undertones and has sparked some industry chatter.

The next movie Greg spoke about was “Brazen”, starring Alyssa Milano/ This is a Netflix film about a mystery novelist who teams up with the police to help figure out who murdered her sister. Greg said it reminds him of a Lifetime movie that isn’t one you would rush to watch, but is great to just relax and unwind to over the weekend. He also said there are some great twists involved, and the plot will keep you guessing who really did it. Greg gave it three-and-a-half reels out of five.

Finally, there was “Hotel Transylvania: Transformania”, starring the voices of Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, and Kathryn Hahn. The “Hotel Transylvania” sequel continues as characters Mavis and Johnny take over the family hotel business, but things go awry when a new invention turns monsters in to humans, and humans into monsters. Greg said the movie is the #1 streaming movie right now, and the parents of younger kids he has spoken to say the kids love the movie so much that they repeatedly watch it. He gave it a kid’s four reels out of five.

To see clips from the movies, watch the video above.