Want to get your kid more interested in science? Here are ways to spark their learning

Bring excitement back into their studies

Many kids have had a challenge learning these past two years, going in and out of classrooms and having to adapt to their changing environment.

It’s been a struggle for parents, as well, as many have had to become their kids’ at-home teachers. So how do you spark a child’s love for learning, especially when it comes to areas like science?

One way kids can become more invested in their studies is to use a more hands-on approach.

Zahraa Mougnieh, the Founder and Creator of Kid Chemist, said she uses a lot of fun experiments and field trips in her program to catch children’s attention. When they can see the science happening in front of them, it’s a lot more fun, and it’s easier for children to understand.

As many parents found out during the pandemic, in-person learning can also be beneficial to students. Getting dressed up in cool lab clothes can help to engage the students, Mougneih said.

If you are looking for something you can do at home, with a bit more direction, check out at-home kits that will come with everything you need to teach your child a fun science lesson. You can also play fun trivia games with the whole family to get everyone excited to learn.

On Feb. 3, on Instagram, you can participate in Kid Chemist’s online trivia game, “Are you smarter than a Kid Chemist?”

Watch the video above to see an example of one of the experiments Mougneih runs, or to learn more.