3 ways to relax and treat yourself this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching, but know this: It doesn’t have to be just for couples.

Why not do something special like some self-care? Or, perhaps, get together with a friend and treat yourselves in a way that will help you both recharge and get rejuvenated?

Self-care is important all year. Life is chaotic and stressful, and we should all take the occasional moment to relax and focus on ourselves.

Kyle Farr, one of the experts at Detroit Aesthetics Company, gave us some ideas on how to do just that this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Put down the phone. The world can be chaotic, and our phone is often the lifeline to a lot of stress. Between unexpected phone calls interrupting our peace, to notifications, and the ever tempting social media drawing our attention away from what we want to focus on, sometimes it’s a good idea to put our phone on airplane mode. It will allow us to be more present.
  2. Indulge in something that brings joy, like a facial. Often times, people feel guilty for participating in self-care activities like getting a facial or a pedicure, but we can all use a little time to take care of ourselves so that we may operate at our best. Plus, our skin will thank us.
  3. Bring a friend. For those who are a bit nervous to treat themselves, consider taking along a friend to enjoy it with. It will take off some of the pressure, and it’s a great opportunity to bond and make fond memories. Plus, a friend is likely to help keep us focused on relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

To learn more about ways you can treat yourself at the Detroit Aesthetics Company, click or tap here.