This is where your money actually goes when you donate to an animal shelter

Michigan Humane holding annual telethon Thursday

There are always animals like Willow, an 8-week-old Shepard mix, who are looking for a family to call their own. While those animals wait to find their forever home, they are in need of some help -- with food, shelter and medical care.

All of those things are provided by organizations like Michigan Humane.

Anna Christman, with Michigan Humane, said donations are so important to keep shelters running. In addition to the basics of keeping the shelter running and feeding the animals, here’s where else the money goes:

  • Keeping rescue teams on the road. Many animals are homeless, wandering the streets. You’ve probably seen a few strays in your lifetime. Michigan Humane has rescue teams that drive around 365 days a year to pick up the stray animals and take them back to the shelter to be cared for. Your dollars go toward the costs to keep these teams running.
  • Providing medical care. After being found, many of the animals need an appointment with the vet. Some need basics like flea and tick prevention, while others may require much more intensive care. You can actually help to save a life.
  • Keeping these animals healthy and safe, long term. Not only does the money help the shelter place pets in homes, but it also keeps them healthy, long term. Michigan Humane also helps provide behavior support and outreach programs for pets who have already found a home.

Michigan Humane’s annual Day of Giving telethon kicks off early Thursday morning. If you’d like to make a donation, you can do so by calling 844-4483-264, or by clicking or tapping here.