A classic love story and America’s funniest grandma hit screens this weekend

Movie Reviewer Greg Russel talks to the stars of each movie

Three very different movies are hitting screens this weekend, including a love story, a comedy, and a horror film!

Movie Reviewer Greg Russell spoke to “Live In The D” co-host Jason Carr about the movie “Cyrano”, “A Madea Homecoming”, and the sequel to “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.

“Cyrano”, starring Peter Dinklage, is a film following Cyrano de Bergerac who is quick witted and a brilliant swordsman. Cyrano believes his appearance makes him unworthy of the attention of his love, Roxanne, who is in love with another man. Cyrano ends up employed by the the other man to write poetry and letters to Roxanne. Greg was able to interview Dinklage, and gave this movie four-and-a-half reels out of five.

Tyler Perry is once again putting on the wig and dress, and bringing Madea back to the big screen. “A Madea Homecoming” is the next installment in the long-running series. This film is all about Madea’s great-grandson who is graduating from college, so the family decides to have a big party where chaos ensues. Being your standard Madea type movie, Greg gave it three out of five reels saying it is a movie made for Madea fans.

Finally, Leather-face is returning to the screen in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. The movie is about a group of young people moving into town, and looking to buy a property. They begin to uncover the towns dark history, and then things take a turn for the worse. Although the trailer was able to give Jason a chill, Greg gave it three reels as well.

To see clips from the new releases, and Greg’s Interviews, watch the video above.