Photographer transforms images of abandoned buildings in Detroit

Monica Mazzotto adds colorful animals to photographs

A photographer is transforming images of Detroit’s abandoned buildings in a creative way. Monica Mazzotto is turning photographs of eyesores into bright and colorful scenes filled with animals.

Monica’s project called “Visions of Detroit” features photos from various dilapidated buildings across the city. Monica said she dislikes perfection and prefers some kind of “unconventional beauty.”

When she took the original photographs for this series, Monica said she felt like something was missing. She wanted to represent the powerful energy she felt while walking into places in Detroit, so she decided to add images of animals like flamingos, penguins, polar bears and dogs.

Monica said she will have a “Visions of Detroit” exhibition in Chicago in May and another in November in Italy. Watch the video above to see Monica’s stunning images.