Cocktails that are a work of art

Artist Rachel K. Miller shares some festive cocktail recipes, and talks about her book

St. Patrick’s Day is a day for celebration, and you may have a taste for an adult beverage. If you are looking to mix up something new, you can get many fresh ideas with “The Illustrated Cocktail”.

The cocktail recipe book is done with art, and every ingredient is illustrated. Artist Rachel K. Miller joined “Live In The D” co-host Jason Carr to talk about the book and share some festive recipes.

Rachel said she was inspired by the show “Mad Men” after trying to make an old fashioned with her daughters. They did not like the drink, but Rachel decided to make an illustration of it, and post it on Instagram where it gained popularity. She began making illustrations of different recipes every week, and eventually had enough to make a book.

Rachel said she created all the drawings digitally on her iPad, which allowed her to create them in layers. Moving forward Rachel said she would like to do more with drinks, and utilizing the knowledge from creating this book, to help people find new recipes.

To see how to make a Irish coffee, and where to find the book, watch the video above.